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It is true that water-based asphalt emulsions by themselves do not have fuel resistive properties. In short, if the desire is to use coal-tar sealer for the fuel resistive nature of the material using an additive in a water-based asphalt emulsion sealer will accomplish the same goals with out compromising our environment, or adding hazardous chemicals that might effect health and safety of the general public.

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Consider us your "Asphalt Preservation Specialists". Studies have shown that asphalt, when properly maintained and sealcoated every 2-3 years can extend the life of that asphalt of up to 400%. We are here to help you protect your asphalt investment. 

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Our asphalt sealer is a water-based asphalt emulsion. Why is that important? The major upside to the use of the water-based asphalt emulsions is the non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and environmentally friendly nature of the product.  Additives can be used in the water-based asphalt emulsion sealcoats to provide fuel and oil resistive properties to the sealcoat to have similar resistive properties as coal tar sealcoats. 

Coal tar sealcoats have environmental effects through the release of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which run off into streams and lakes after the application.  Parking lots or driveways treated with coal-tar-based sealcoats are a major source of cancer-causing contaminants that can pollute air, soil, water and wildlife, posing a significant health risk to humans who may breathe, drink, or eat them in fish and other food.  Water-based asphalt emulsions do not contain PAHs and have little to no known adverse health risks.

​Another major benefit of water-based asphalt emulsion sealcoats are the facts that the mix design on the sealcoat can be modified to reflect the needs of the environment of the location of where the material is applied. Our sealer blend is designed with WY harsh winters in mind.